In this method of teaching rigor (follow the rule strictly) is extremely emphasised.

Procedure: the formula and rules are given to the class and the teacher tells the student what to do, what to observe, how to attempt and how to conclude. The teachers do the model sum in the class and the students have to strictly follow the sum to do the other sum


What are the Advantages of the Dogmatic Method?

(i) This method saves time, energy and does not allow students to get involved in unnecessary thinking.

(ii) It gives exercise to memory and thus helps its growth. Moreover, rigour is quite useful for the development of the commercial aptitude of the students.

(iii) It promotes skills efficiency and speed in the solution of problems

Disadvantages or Demerits of the Dogmatic Method

(i) This method is unscientific and unpsychological.

(ii) This method kills the initiative in the students and makes them memorizing machine.

(iii) This method is not Psychological, since it puts more stress on the subject-matter and not on the students who are to be taught

(iv) The main object of teaching is to develop certain qualities in the students. The method fails to achieve that object and so it is not of much use in practical life.

(v) If this method is applied and the students forget the rules they cannot solve a problem.

(vi) The method provides only information and does not allow students to do things independently.

(vii) The method makes the teaching uninteresting and dull and converts the whole atmosphere of the class into a mechanical atmosphere.

(viii) Through this method, only students with a good memory can make progress. Such of the students who did have a very strong memory shall not be able to use this method properly as they would not cram up the rules and memorize the problems.

Situation where Dogmatic method can be used

  • When students are advance with mental in mental development
  • At revision

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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