It is self study on the part of the students but in the presence and under the direct supervision of the teacher. It may be conducted in the regular periods or in case of residential school it can be done after school hours. It can also be carried out in the reading room of the library where a teacher may be put in duty to watch and guide the students. Supervised study is a well-known feature of public school where the resident students are to assemble at the class room or any other room at night to study under the supervision of teacher/teachers. Supervised study creates a formal or studios atmosphere for the self study of the students. It makes available on the spot help and guidance to the needy students. The teacher’s presence makes the atmosphere more disciplined and friendly environment for hard work. The students are in the company of their classmates which make mutual group effort possible. It introduces regularity in work and ensures sustained progress. The mistakes of the students can be removed on the spot and the difficult question can be solved. Under the arrangement of supervised study, every student has to compulsory devote the prescribe time for homework or self study. None can evade or avoid. This is a good device for the lazy and smart student also.

In mathematics, the student can benefit a lot from supervised study. Even if he is a day scholar, he may be required to study for sometime after the school hours for supervised study. This period may be utilized for disposing of the homework. Sometime the student cannot do their home work at home because they do not get any time for it or they do not get any guidance. During the long vacation, they need to supervise study otherwise they will forget whatever they have learned. If the school provide some extra time for supervised study, the student may not have to carry away any burden of home work with them.

The following hints may be kept in mind for effective supervised study:

  1. A friendly and comfortable atmosphere should be ensuring in the study room.
  2. The atmosphere should not be very rigid and formal. There should be more of freedom and facility for mutual exchange and collaboration. The seating plan should also be informal and suit the convenience of the students.
  3. The session for supervised study should not be too long. It should not become tiresome and exhausting.
  4. The teacher should actively supervise the students work instead of sitting passively in a corner.
  5. If required, more than one teacher may be deputed to supervise the work of a batch of students in order to provide help in all the subjects.
  6. The teacher can take the help of monitor or brilliant student to share the work of supervision with him.
  7. There should be a check on exemption or leave from supervised study.
  8. Supervised study is not suitable for self study, it should supplement the latter.

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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