Knowledge based question:

  • Remembering, simple recall question, to know specific facts, terms, concepts principles, or theories; identify, define or recite, information
  1. If P(x) = x4 – 5x3 + 7x 2 -3x + 5, then answer the following
  1. Write the coefficient of x3 in p(x)
  2. Write the constant terms of p(x)
  3. Write the degree of p(x)
  4. Write the coefficient of in p(x)
  1. Write the formula for finding the area of circle?
  2. What type of fraction is 337/25?
  3. Define the term polygon.
  4. (a + b)2 = _______________
  5. Write the number name of 1225.

Understanding based question:

  • Comprehension- to be familiar with meaning and to understand conceptually, interprets, compare, contrast, explain, paraphrase, or interpret information
  1. Using remainder theorem, find the remainder when x3 + 3x2 +3x + 1 is divisible by x+1
  2. Factorize: x2 + 10x + 16
  3. Convert 37/5 into mixed fraction
  4. Express 3.825 as the rational number
  5. Add 125+15+ 3691
  6. Solve 2m – 11 = 13

Application based question:

  • Use abstract information in concrete situation, to apply knowledge to new situation, use given content to interpret a situation, provide an example, or solve a problem

Word problem

  1. A shopkeeper ordered 265 Center Fresh Chewing gum from a shop. He ordered 355 more éclairs than chewing gum. How many éclairs did he order?
  2. The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 7. Find the numbers.
  3. The cost of 1 apple is Rs 12, mango is Rs15 and orange is Rs 7. If you buy 4 apples, 2 mangoes and 5 orange. What will be the total cost?


Skills based

  • HOTS, Analysis & Synthesis, Classify, compare, contrast, or differentiate between different pieces of information; Organize or integrate unique pieces of information from varieties of source.
  1. Draw a graph from the given information
  2. Construct a triangle of side 5cm, 6cm and 7 cm.
  3. Which of the following are mixed fraction, proper fraction and improper fraction?
    1. 11 / 7 b) 2 / 11 c) 5 1/7
  4. Name the types of triangle from the given figure.
  5. Arrange the following in ascending order
  6. Make a frequency distribution table for the following blood group


  1. What is the difference between factor and multiples



  • Generating new ideas, product or ways of viewing things, Appraise, judge or justify the value or worth of a decision or outcome, or to predict outcome based on values
  1. Sum of the angles of triangle is 1700. Is it true? Justify your answer
  2. Square can be called rectangle. Can rectangle be called square?
  3. What is the probability of getting at least one head when three dies is thrown.
  4. Kito’s father called the painter to paint the four wall of the room of length 3m breadth 2.5m and height 2m. If the painter charge Rs 300 at the rate of  Rs 12 per sq m, is the painter asking the correct amount of money?



Students of a school staged a rally for quit smoking campaign. Imanwabang participate in the rally and prepared a rectangular board of side 4.5m by 2m. Find the area of the board.

Which value is depicted by Imnawabang?


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