some of the ITEMS to buy indoor activities for play school are as follow:

  1. RUGS/MATS/CUSIONS: These are the important tools that can be used for indoor activity for small kids. You must make sure that you are buying (mats/rugs/ cushions) as per their learning point of view or related to education for that particular class.


2. DOLLS HOUSE: Doll house can be bought from store or online. If you have good carpenter, you can make it in school itself. Dolls can be made of can be bought.

doll house

3. PUZZLES & IMAGES: Puzzle & images can be bought from the store or online. You can make your own puzzle by downloading good image as per their class level. Take out the print out of the image and paste it on a cardboard. Cut the image into 5 or above pieces in different shapes and you puzzle is ready.


4. MOULDING CLAY: Clay dough of different colour can be kept in the school for clay molding. It is one time investment as it can be use again and again.


5. PAINT/EASEL/BRUSHES: Children love colouring. So it is necessary to keep all those things in the school for indoor activity.


6. EMPTY BOXES: Empty box is easily available. You can collect empty box of different shape and size for indoor activity.


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