3. Exam Stress (Few Myths)

When the performance of the student is not good, teachers have to give answer to the head or the management. The Head/management draws conclusion that the student are not getting the concept taught in the class and give blame to the teachers. When the teachers explain that the student lack practice work, the head insist that once the concept is clear the student must not forget. Those statements are myth and as an educator, parents, head or management and student we must not get confuse with those statement.


We have to understand that for a single performance in annual function, students spend lots of time in rehearsal, at least for 3 to 4 months. Then, how much rehearsal is required by the student for preparing for exam in at least five subjects with so many concepts in each subject. Following are the few myths we must try to avoid it.


  • People are born knowing how to study

False: No one is born knowing how to study. Studying is a skill, just like driving car or cooking a nice dish. Since it is a skill, studying cannot be learnt. It is not that difficult either

  • By middle school student know how to study

False: Many students know how to study. Since most of the school do not have formal examination during classes I – V, students in middle school find it difficult to approach goals. It is important to teach them the strategies for covering the larger syllabus

  • If you are smart, you don’t have to study

False: intelligence has nothing to do with studying. Everyone has to study. The best way to learn the facts is by going over the material again and again. This means you become very good at something by studying and practice.

  • Once you have learnt something, you don’t have to practice (means you learnt forever)

False: once you learn something, you do have to practice it, outstanding athletes, dancer, musicians, doctors and student become expert by practicing. Practice makes a man perfect and to do well in exam you need the desire to do well. You need to work hard. You need to study, learn and practice these skills.

Source: CBSE

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