3 steps to manage exam stress

Exam stress can be manage based on the following three steps

  1. Healthy Life Style and Living
  2. Study Smart
  3. Plan to perform


Let us discuss each step thoroughly.


There exists a strong relationship between nutrient intake and the mental state of a person. Stress and anxiety leads to inadequate and wrong eating habits which disturbs delicate biochemical balances in the body thus causing micronutrient deficiency. You must choose the right foods which can upgrade your concentration level and ensure that you sleep more soundly and lower your anxiety level.  In one of the recent studies conducted by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, it has been found that good nutrition ensures smooth functioning of the nervous system, which gets strained during examinations and makes children sharper.  The study also points out that proper nutrition helps in managing examination stress and maintains alertness during examinations.

variety of cooked dishes


  • Well balanced diet, including health beverages may aid you to beat the examination blues. It boosts memory and improves concentration – all of which are associated with good academic performance.
  • Students should avoid drinks like tea and coffee which contain caffeine, which according to studies, lessens the process of grasping. Instead, go for health drink fortified with micronutrients and vitamins, which according to NIN’s Study helps relieve examination stress.
  • Consume appropriate beverages which are rich in fiber and micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These help students in giving that extra energy to manage stress while preparing for their examinations. This also improves their concentration level.
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet. Ideally, whole grain cereals, pulses, nuts, milk and milk products, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and fortified health drink like Horlicks should be included in a everyday’s diet.
  • Eating the wrong kind of food (mostly junk food) can make you sluggish or lead to infections all of which have a direct impact on their performance.

Under this topic ‘HEALTHY LIFESTYLE & LIVING’ we will mainly focus on the following:

  1. Nutrition And Eating Healthy
  2. Exercise And Rejuvenation
  3. Sleep And Rest

I will write about those three points on my next blog.

Source: CBSE

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