Preschoolers playing educational computer games.
Preschoolers playing educational computer games.

Present generation are born in technology world. They are quick learner when it comes to gadgets like cell phone, Tabs, play station, Computer etc. So, is it necessary to have computer period in school? I think it depends school to school, economic and education background of parents and student to students. According to me, if you are opening a standard private school, most of the student will be from middle class, upper middle class and high class and almost everyone will have a computer in their house. So they will have some of the basic knowledge of using computer. In that situation, school does not required computer classes till primary level. It is better to have a computer class from grade 6 and above.

In primary level (grade 1 to 5), we can have a computer class to develop the skills of other subjects. School can install computer game to develop language skills, math skills and general knowledge. As children likes to play games in computer, they will enjoy the computer classes without knowing that they are developing other skills. Student may develop interest in math if math games are provided as most of the students has allergy to math. If we install language game, then student will develop skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, grammar and phonic. If we install game to test General knowledge, student will be aware of what is going on around the world.

The game can be download from internet or can be bought or we can hire I T expert to design a game for the school. The game must be innovative, interesting and very creative. It must be attractive and must increase curiosity in children to play those games. The game selected must be align according to the level of class and must be related to the subject taught in class. In this way the student will be able to connect with the topic taught in class. It is better to hire I T expert to design a computer game as it can be design according to the needs of the school.

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