Difference between Stress Builder & Stress Buster

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As stress is a part of life, we must know how to handle it. Stress in our system build or vanish as per the way we think. Difference between the stress builder and stress buster as follow:

Stress Builder Stress Buster
 I will never get this assignment on time If I stay Focused and take one step at a time, I will make steady progress
My teachers did not respond to my saying Good morning. He is probably displeased with my work, and I will get evaluation. I am jumping to conclusion. My teachers may have been in a bad mood. So far all my evaluation have been positive, so unless I get some negative feedback, I will assumed teacher is pleased with my work
I cant forget my mistake on Q No. 10. the paper is ruined. I have disappointed every one No one is perfect. I did my best. I am over reacting to one mistake when the overall paper is fine

Thus, we need to change the way we think to live stress free life.


Source: CBSE

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