do dont


  • Prepare revision Time Table.
  • Makes your books, notes and more user friendly with summary notes, headings, sub – headings, highlighting and revision cards.
  • Find out the way of revising that suits you – alone or with your friend, morning or late at night, short, sharp burst or longer session.
  • Take note of important points when revising as an aid for future revision. Look at past examination paper & try answering some of the question.
  • If you feel stress out, talk to someone you feel comfortable to.



  • Give up studying totally.
  • Sit for long hours continuously to read by not taking break for bath, food, relaxation and sleep. It makes you feel more tired, reduces concentration & make studying boring and increase anxiety.
  • Excessive use of Coffee or Tea or Cigarettes to keep awake the whole night.
  • Collect New notes material from friends, read and learn them till the last minute without the time of revision.
  • Spending time to trace the Question Paper or Teachers Who are probably involve in paper setting.

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