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There are four chief devices of fixing an impression on the minds of pupils-drill, review, asking questions, and describing outstanding problems still to be solved.

Drill is one of the most widely used devices and practices in our schools. It is a serious activity- it provides opportunity of self-improvement. One cannot expect to achieve speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems without it. The basic facts and operations of mathematics have to be memorized through sufficient drill, but there should be no mechanical cramming. Practice should be done with understanding and with a clear idea of the objectives and goals.


A spirit of play should be introduced in order to make the process of memorization less tiresome. This can be achieved by making use of number games, flash cards, self-direction material and application of ideas in various situations at home and school. It should often be indirect and disguised.


  1. Moderate initial practice and systematic review are superior to over-learning.
  2. The material to be memorized or drilled upon should be meaningful.
  3. Drill exercises should be short and distributed over a period of time.
  4. Much of the drill work should be individualized.
  5. Make success in drill possible and let the students feel it.
  6. Drill should be varied; it should be given in various forms, otherwise it will become monotonous.
  7. Drill should be properly and sufficiently motivated; and once initiated, it should be well-organised.
  8. Drill assignments should not be made tasks; the students should be enabled to take pleasure in them.
  9. The achievement of the learner in drill should be frequently tested.
  10. It would be beneficial to introduce the elements of play, competition and group work in drill.

Effective drill, not only develops knowledge and skills, but also is a means of maintaining good habits when they have been once established. If it is intelligent and purposeful; it is economical of time, whereas unintelligent drill is wasteful and purposeless.

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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