After they have been located, the gifted students should preferably be collected at one central place in a district or a region. If they are left in ordinary schools among the companions mostly of average or below average caliber, they will not be able to do their best. Among ordinary companions they will be at the top without much effort and will not face any competition. Also in the class most of the students will be of average ability and the teacher will teach with their level in mind. Teacher’s teaching addressed to average students will not be of much interest or benefit to the gifted student. It will be better if they are collected at one place in an ideal school, brought into company and competition with classmates of their level and are placed under the care and charge of really competent teachers. Such like schools can also be made residential where all-round development of these students may be ensured. The society or state can bear the expenses in the case of poor students of this type. The school meant for them can also be equipped adequately to cater to their varied educational needs. A truly academic atmosphere can also be created. The Navodaya schools recently started by the central government are a step in the right direction. Apart from all this the following arrangements may be made to do full justice to them in the matter of educational opportunities.

  1. An enriched syllabus may be proposed for them to provide to them extensive and intensive education.
  2. Really challenging, ingenuity demanding, initiative demanding and creativity-oriented tasks may be proposed for them.
  3. Their learning should not centre around the text-books but should be expanded beyond with the help of supplementary readers, reference books and general literature.
  4. Their system of evaluation should also be more reliable and sophisticated in order to remove from it chance factors and errors of various types.
  5. They should be provided with rich, efficient and prompt library service.
  6. They should be taught by the methods like heuristic, induction, analysis, project and discussion.
  7. Their self-study should be exercised to the maximum by proposing to them intelligent assignments.
  8. They should be largely left to themselves to solve mathematical problems and should be made to enjoy full self-confidence.
  9. Mathematical problems proposed for them should not be routine type or mechanical in nature. Every problem meant for them should be a type in itself.
  10. They should be made to realize that mathematics offers a real challenge to their genius.
  11. They should be given opportunities of collection, tabulation and interpretation of mathematical data.

In every possible way, they should be provided with quality education.


Source: The Teaching of Mathematics by Kulbir Singh Sidhu

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