Evaluation & Types of Evaluation



The word evaluation is used in place of the word examination in the current educational literature. The evaluation process is not restricted to the result of the tests and examination but it has wider meaning. It covers overall development of child.

Types of Evaluation

  1. Placement evaluation: This is done before actual process of teaching begins like entrance test. Most of the school do Entrance test to select student for admission purpose only. If the result of Entrance test is good then the students are selected for admission. The main idea of entrance is not to select student as per their performance, but to check the level of the student and help teachers to know about the level of understanding. As per RTE act we cannot deny admission of any students if there is a seat available in school for particular class. Entrance test provide the information to the subject teachers about the knowledge of a child and helps teachers to plan the class as per the level of the students.
  2. Formative evaluation: These types of evaluation take place during teaching learning process. Formative evaluation can be in the form of class work, home work, practice work, class test, periodic test, class activity, lab activity, worksheet etc. The teachers have to keep the record an update regularly. Some percentage of mark must include in annual assessment.
  3. Diagnostic evaluation: This kind of evaluation is done to know the weakness of the child. Teacher must try to find out where the child is facing difficulties and act accordingly. The problem can be in the form of understanding the concepts or unable to apply or lack basic knowledge. The problem can be psychological or mental condition or physical condition etc.
  4. Summative evaluation: This type of evaluation is done at the end of the course or lesson. Half yearly exam or annual exam can be a summative assessment.

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