These are the students with exceptionally high I.Q. They are a very small percentage in any normal population. There may be none such student in a school or there may be at the most one or two such students, even in a big school. How to do justice to a gifted student who is the only student of his caliber in a big section with fifty or more students? This is a big question before the teachers and educational administrators.

The gifted students can be rightly called the cream of the population. They are the potential leaders for different walks of life. If given proper education and provided suitable opportunities, they can make significant contribution to the overall progress of the society. In a way, they are the real asset of any society. Their worth cannot be determined by any known means of measurement. Most of the future politicians, administrators, scholars, discoverers, inventors, poets, builders, reformers, philosophers, planners and teachers have to be drawn from them. The gifted is not a gift for himself alone, he is a gift for the society as a whole. If given a chance, he is going to do something extraordinary and remarkable. If neglected, he will be a loss to himself no doubt but it will amount to a far greater loss to the society. Ordinary people generally spend their lives in ordinary ways, but the gifted ones devote themselves to higher tasks or breaking new grounds, and leaving behind their footprints for others. They are the stuff which is most precious and which deserves special attention in the matter of education.


Before we plan any programme of special education for them, it is necessary to search for them and to locate them in the vast sea of student population. They are expected to be scattered all over in very small numbers. Preliminary search can be based on achievement testing which is a normal feature of the schools. Further confirmation of the cases can be made by intelligence tests. There are some other prevalent schemes known as talent search programmes organized by NCERT and other agencies which can also help in locating these cases.

Source: The Teaching of Mathematics by Kulbir Singh Sidhu

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