The term ‘Heuristic’ is derived from a Greek word, which means ‘I find’ or ‘I discover’. Here the child is put in the place of discoverer. This method emphasis experimentation as the teacher becomes an observer and the child tries to move ahead independently. This method makes student self – reliant and independent.

PROCEDURE: This method requires the student to solve problems experimentally. Each student is required to discover everything himself and is to be told nothing. The students are led to discover facts with the help of experiments, apparatus and books. In this method the children behaves like a research scholar.

In Heuristic method,

  • A problem sheet with minimum instruction is given to the student and he is required to perform the experiments concerning the problem in hand.
  • He must follow the instruction and enter in his note book.
  • He must record everything about his experiment, research, observation, result, and draw conclusion.



  • Take a problem of the discovery of the properties of parallelogram: Give students many parallelograms drawn in a sheet of paper and ask them to find its property. Naturally the students will start observation, measurements, records their findings, analysis and draw conclusion. Everything has to be done by students own their own.
  • Take the problem of the area of four walls of their class room: How to find the area of four walls?

Here, students start observation, measurements, records their findings, analysis, finds areas using formulas, and draw conclusion. Every thing has to be done by students own their own.

Advantage of Heuristic Teaching Method

  • Student becomes active participant.
  • Home study and memorization work become light.
  • Psychological method, creativity of learner
  • Develops scientific attitude
  • Independent
  • Understands the subject matter with logical thinking

Disadvantages of Heuristic Teaching Method

  1. It cannot be used at primary level of education
  2. It demands extraordinary labour and special from the teacher, who is already over burden.
  3. Every child cannot be expected to be gifted discoverer.
  4. Not possible to teach the entire topic by this method.
  5. Student may tends to take the help,
  6. This method is possible for small classes.
  7. Sometimes teachers fail to distinguish between False heuristic and true heuristic.



At school, each topic cannot be taught in this method. But teachers can at least do two to four topics in a year to develops Heuristic attitudes of children.


Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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