The Listening Comprehension section tests the candidate’s ability to listen for basic interpersonal, instructional and academic purposes. A number of sub-skills need to be developed in the everyday classroom transaction. Given below are some of the sub-skills of listening which need to be assessed in the formative and summative assessments:

  1. Listening for specific information
  2. Listening for general understanding
  3. Predictive listening
  4. Inferential listening
  5. Listening for pleasure
  6. Intensive listening
  7. Evaluative listening

Due care and attention must be given to each of the following:

  1. Size of the room
  2. Seating arrangements
  3. Acoustics of the room
  4. Equipment used
  5. Quality of the recording of the Listening Input
  6. Quality of the oral rendering of the Listening Input (in case it is to be read aloud by the Examiner), in terms of volume, clarity, enunciation, intonation, pace etc


For the Assessor (Teacher)

  1. Select the time and date of the assessment.
  2. Plan the seating arrangements in advance.
  3. Decide exactly as to how much time is to be reserved for instructions or any possible interaction regarding clarifications etc and for the actual test.
  4. Make the announcement giving General Instructions directed to the Candidate before the recording is played/before the reading of the text.
  5. Adhere strictly to the time specified for each of the three phases of the Test (Pre-listening, While Listening and Post-Listening)
  6. The general instruction given below should be followed while conducting the test.

General Instructions for Students

You are not allowed to ask questions or interrupt the Assessor at any point.

  1. You are being tested on your Listening Skills.
  2. You will hear a set of recordings of the Listening Input or listen to a reading of the Listening Input.
  3. Each of the recordings will be played twice. In case there is an oral rendering of the Listening Input, it shall take place twice.
  4. You are required to answer a set of questions based on each of the Listening Inputs
  5. The test consists of 4/sections.
  6. You are required to attempt all 4 sections of the test.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the questions on the Worksheet. It will help you to answer them later on.
  8. After you have listened to the input, you will be given specified minutes to answer the questions on your worksheet
  9. You may answer the questions on your Worksheet while listening.

Do not interact/ comment until you have moved out of the Examination Room




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