One of the important teaching aids in teaching mathematics is a proper mathematics text book. The text books must contain all the required material for the students. It must have rich contain, questions must be in psychological order, provide space for project work, laboratory work, activity etc.

We have four siblings and I still remember that four of us have used the same text books to clear our GRADE 10 EXAM. Set of text books was bought for the older sibling and it was passing on to the other siblings.

Now a day’s some of publishers are making expensive text book with low standard for business purpose only. Those text books come on sets which can be used only for year (it means it not environment friendly). Moreover, those books are not easily available in the market and if a student lost one of the books from the set, they have to buy all sets of books or photocopy the lost book. If any company is interested to make a text book, always keep in mind the following points:

  1. It should have the necessary external qualities i.e., its get-up, paper and printing, etc., should be good.
  2. In spite of its various qualities, it should be moderately priced.
  3. It should be well illustrated. There should be diagrams and sketches at appropriate situations. Its use should necessitate the use of other audio-visual aids.
  4. The language used should be simple and clear.
  5. It should be free from mistakes, and the style should be straightforward. In a mathematical text-book even the most ordinary printing mistake can play havoc. The errors have to be very carefully avoided.
  6. It should provide sufficient material to motivate the students to solve problems. The problems should be from everyday life.
  7. To avoid spoon-feeding, there should not be too many solved examples. The students should get adequate opportunity of learning through initiative and independent efforts.
  8. It should be up-to-date as per the subject-matter.
  9. There should be sequence and consistency in the organization of the subject-matter.
  10. The symbols and terms used must be those which are popular so that there may be no confusion. All new terms should be clearly and accurately defined.
  11. There should also be a few difficult exercises (HOTS questions) to challenge the most intelligent students.
  12. The author should be a person well-qualified and experienced in the subject. His aims of writing the text-book should be very genuine.
  13. There should be sufficient provision for practice and review. It should meet demands of students in ability and interests.
  14. The style of writing should be interesting and comprehensible.
  15. There should be suggestions to improve study habits.
  16. It should offer detailed suggestions for correlation, project work, assignment work and field work.
  17. There should not be any irrelevant matter.
  18. It should facilitate the use of inductive, analytic, heuristic and laboratory methods.
  19. It should be made as per the syllabus given by the education Board..
  20. It should satisfy the demands of examination also.
  21. It should be easily available in the market.

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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