While organizing a math club, we must consider the purpose to open a math club which was written in my last blog. If the number of the students is more we can have two math clubs. The in-charges of math club can be divided as follow

  1. The Head of the institution must be the sponsor for making the math club. He must do the required investment for opening math club by providing room for math lab, apparatus for doing math activities etc. he also must invest on organizing related to math.
  2. The senior math teachers can be the in-charge to run the math club. He must organize different activities and program related to math. He can invite the expert for sharing and discussion in math club. He can organize field trip, excursion, math quiz, and inter school math competition for math club. He must keep the records for Attendance, Activity done, Achievements etc related to math club.
  3. Other math teachers will be the adviser. They will be the actual guide for the student in math club. They will plan and execute each activity class for the math club.


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