STUDYING FOR LANGUAGES Knowledge of Course Texts (Short Stories, Novels, etc.)

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Themes are the messages that stories seem to teach. Can you identify the themes in each of your texts? Review your class notes. What are the important themes?

How did the themes of one text relate to the themes of others?

Remember that books are not about events; they are about people. That means you should not focus only on remembering what happened in your texts. You should think about how the people were affected. How did they feel? How did they react? How were they changed? Practise answering these questions aloud with a friend or a parent. (“In this story the person learned…” or “The main character was affected by…”).

Reading Comprehension (“Sight Passage”)

The “Sight Passage” is a text (story, essay, etc.) which you will see for the first time in a test situation. You must read the passage and answer the questions which follow. The questions will test your comprehension (i.e. how well you understood what you just read) as well as your ability to respond (i.e. how well you can make personal responses).

  • Practise for “Sight Passages” with a friend or a parent.
  • Choose a short story or essay and both read it.
  • Have one person summarize the story for the other.
  • Have one person ask the other questions about the story. Include questions that begin “Explain why…” and “How would you have felt if…” and “How does this relate to…?”

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Review your writing from this year and make a list of your teacher’s comments about your writing.

Remember the advice about writing you were given and try to use that advice in the final evaluation situation.

Remember that good writing has five components: Voice (Active/ Passive voice), Organization, Ideas/Content, Conventions, and Effective use of Language.

Try to keep all five in mind as you write. After you finish, review your work and ask yourself about each one of these. “Have I organized this well?” Have I expressed my ideas clearly?”


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