“How to Teach” is really difficult problem for the teachers, even though they are mastery over the subject. Teaching is an art and methods are the ways to understand and practise the Art. Different methods of teaching math have been proposed by different educationist. But, as a mathematics teachers, it is important to know all the methods, its merits and demerits.  I will be writing about the following method of teaching mathematics in my upcoming blog.

  1. Lecture Method
  2. Dogmatic method
  3. Inductive-Deductive method
  4. Heuristic Method
  5. Analytic-Synthetic Method
  6. Laboratory Method
  7. Project Method
  8. Topical Method
  9. Concentric Method
  10. Problem Solving Method

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I am working in the field of education for more than 15 years. I teach Math. Presently I'm Working as the vice principal in reputed School.

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