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Sometimes it becomes monotonous to have classes inside the four walls regularly. Children get bore to be in one room and learn so many subject in a day. So to rejuvenate children mind it is important to have an outdoor classes.  One of the important learning atmospheres can be created by providing outdoor classes in school.

The management of the school can provide a space in the school for the outdoor classes. The outdoor classes can be constructed under the big tree with some seating arrangement made up of Wooden Plank or iron bar or cemented or the student can set on the ground. If there is no big tree, management can make the shade without a wall.  You can also attach the Blackboard for writing the important points during the classes.

Some of the science activities can be done outside and can be discuss in the outdoor classes.  This can help the children who love to solve mathematical problem in open space. Some of the poem in language which is connected to nature can be done in outdoor classes. Outdoor class can also add beauty to the school and will be very welcoming environment for the parents to select your school for their children. Children started to enjoy the classes and get recharge for the next class.  Children also started to like the subjects and the school.

Teachers must make sure that they are not taking out every day. School can maintain the register for the outdoor classes and teachers can plan for the outdoor class in advance to avoid Clashing with other classes.

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