According to survey, student commits suicide every hour in India and the reason for suicide is same in every situation i.e. ‘Depression due to failur

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e in examination’ and to avoid this situation we need to understand ‘how to manage examination stress’.

Life is a precious gift of God and we must not waste it by putting the tag ‘Stress’ in our life. We take stress for Stupid reason. Most of the children in the world get stress with one word called ‘Examination’. Examination plays important role in the process of selection of people and we cannot do away from examination because of stress. So, we need to learn to cope with the stress during Examination and to cope up with the stress Teachers, School, Parents and the Child have to work together. Before I share the idea of ‘Stress Management’ we have to know what actually is stress.

Stress in individuals is defined as any interference that disturbs a person’s healthy mental and physical wellbeing. It occurs when the body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities. Some of the stress statements are as follow:


  • Too much change too quickly can be a cause of stress.
  • Stress can be caused by pleasant and unpleasant events.
  • The cause of stress may not always be apparent.
  • Usually stress is a result build up of ‘related and unrelated events.’
  • Often your stress is more apparent to others than to yourself.
  • Reactions to stress can be emotional, physical and behavioral.


Test and examination are the process of our education system and we cannot avoid it. There is no magical formula for a stress free life but there are easy techniques for minimizing stress. We take stress because of fear and anxiety


Fear is the negative response to any problem.


The Fear Factor…..

Why examination is stress? coz of fear

Why do you fear?

-You feel shame of failing in test or getting low grade,

-Parent’s expectation

-peer pressure

We need to see examination as a stepping stone to rise higher

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

What makes anxiety happen?

Anxiety is a feeling a person get when he or she expects something stressful to happen. We are going to discuss about test anxiety. We cannot outlaw tests, we must find out how to ease the test anxiety. Focusing on the bad things could lead to anxiety. Student might thing ‘what if I forget everything I know?’ ‘What if the test is too hard?’ Too many thought like these don’t leave much room in your mind to concentrate on remembering the answer to the test question. People with test anxiety can also feel stressed out by the physical reaction and think things like “What if I throw up?” or “Oh no, my hands are shaking.” These thoughts can get the person even more upset, making the anxiety even stronger. Now, the person feels worse and is even more distracted and unable to concentrate.


Anyone can get test anxiety, but someone who really wants to get every answer right might be more prone to feeling this way. Students who worry a lot also might feel anxious at test time. Perfectionists and worriers find it hard to accept mistakes they make or to get less than a perfect score. This creates more pressure for them.


Now, we have understood some of the term of   STRESS, FEAR AND ANXIETY, I will write on common Reaction on examination stress in my next blog.

Source: CBSE