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In today’s education system, it is important to open a math club in the school. Like other club in the school, there are so many activities that we can do in math club. We must have the purpose to open a MATH CLUB in school.

The following can give you the purpose to open a Math Club:

  1. It provides platform for the students who are interested in mathematics for lots of Mathematical Activities.
  2. The Club can be the ways to develop interest and good attitude towards mathematics subject.
  3. The activity can help student to apply mathematics in real life situations.
  4. The student gets the opportunities for lots of mathematical hobbies, project, game, discussion, experiment, invention etc.
  5. It provides students to learn and share from the expert and teachers from outside. The expert can be called time to time in the school to share their works in mathematics.
  6. It can be the medium for the student to participate in Maths Olympiad, Inter school math competition, Scholarship Test etc.
  7. It can find space in school magazine. All the fun facts, findings etc about math can be written in school magazine.
  8. It can get connected math club of other school for various function and discussion.
  9. Math club can organize a field trip or excursion and visit different place related to mathematics.
  10. Math Club can develops good qualities like team work, leadership skills, responsibilities, active participation etc
  11. It can be the place to exchange information, experiments, experiences and innovations.
  12. It can help to understand the mathematical language.

Activity work can be display during the parents teachers interaction

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