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The head of the institution is expected to be a picture of all the human qualities. Same is applicable in the case of teacher also. He should also be gifted with all the imaginable qualities. One of the most comprehensive summaries of the qualities essential to success in teaching was presented by Charters and Waples in their common wealth teachers, training study, as under:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Attractiveness, personal appearance.
  • Breadth of interest (interest in community, interest in profession, interest in pupils).
  1. Carefulness (accuracy, definiteness, thoroughness).
  2. Considerateness (appreciativeness, courtesy, kindliness, sympathy, skill, usefulness).
  3. Cooperation (helpfulness, loyalty).
  • Dependability (consistency).
  • Enthusiasm (alertness, animation, inspiration, spontaneity).
  1. Forcefulness (courage, decisiveness, firmness, independent, purposefulness).
  2. Good judgment.
  • Industry (patience, perseverance).
  1. Leadership (initiative, self confident)
  • Magnetism ( approachable, cheerful, optimism, pleasant, sense of humour, sociability, pleasing voice, witness)
  • Neatness
  • Open mindedness.
  • Originality (imaginative, resourceful).
  1. Progressiveness (ambition)
  • Promptness (punctuality).
  • Refinement (conventionality, good taste, modesty, morality, simplicity).
  • Scholarship (intellectual curiosity).
  • Self Control (calmness, dignity, poise, reserve, sobriety).

It is very difficult to give a complete list of qualities of teachers. Almost every positive adjective have to incorporated.


Source: The Teaching Of Mathematics By Kulbir Singh Sidhu

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