The following are some Mantras to harness the extra adrenaline released by stress.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H : Stand on your toes whenever you feel under pressure and stretch your body. Pretend you are reaching out to grasp something a few centimeters beyond your immediate reach. Hold this pose for five seconds and relax. Laugh hard, as much as you can, see a comic, cartoon film, and share a joke with a friend. They make effective emergency substitutes to relieve stress.

Be a breathing beauty: The right kind of breathing can dispel stress. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, concentrate on the air leaving your lungs. Slow down your breathing. A two-second inhalation and five-second exhalation is ideal one. Do it five times in morning and five times in the evening.

Listen to music: Music has always had a smoothing effect. Put on the music of your choice-film songs, jazz, ghazals, pop etc.

See the sunlight: Feel the morning sunshine soak into every pore of your body. Feel the incredible sense of well being it brings along.

Discover the yogi in you: Yoga has always been a panacea for stress. Pick up a book on yoga exercises or go to a teacher and get started with half-an hour sessions whenever you can spare the time.

Practice shrugging-shrug: ‘You don’t know you don’t care’. Whenever you feel stressed, roll your neck from right to left a few times. Follow this by shrugging your shoulders. Loosen your muscles. Believe from the bottom of your heart that you don’t care.

Talk less, listen more: an age-old remedy – Listening banishes stress, makes you more popular, more knowledgeable, more sensitive, altogether a nicer person. It doesn’t take much effort.

Count your blessings: There is no better way to banish stress. No one has bad things happening to him or her all the time. Make a mental note of good things. Then put it down on paper, and refer to it every time you feel stressed.

Compare with yourself and see the changes: If you want genuine pleasure in life, compare yourself not with others but yourself.

Do nothing, sit out: This requires no effort from us, as nothing stays bad forever! Acceptance of the situation helps to reduce stress.

Express your stress – let the emotions flow: Stress is a highly emotional experience. When we bottle –up our stress we become increasingly dysfunctional. Stress increases as a result of which health, welfare, relationships suffer. Our anger, depression, fear, frustration and range need to ‘FLOW’ out of us. Flowing out can take the form of writing, talking, poetry, vigorous physical activity etc. Mind and body become clearer and more energized. Situations and opportunities are perceived more clearly. The result is wiser choices and decisions.

Take charge: Believe that “I am in charge of my life!” Parts of our stress feelings come from how we react to what is (or is not) happening and others reactions.

Sports: Engaging in some sports activity will help in venting out your frustrations

Reading: Read a book with positive message, to relieve your stress


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