1. The Cultural Committee shall be responsible for all intra and inter cultural events (Annual Function, musical drama, social night, teachers day, etc ) in the School.
  2. To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year.
  3. The Head of the committee shall conduct a meeting of the committee to discuss and delegate tasks.
  4. Selection of program.
  5. Verification of lyrics.
  6. Arrangement of stage, back drop, program list, food item etc
  7. Procedure to organize cultural events :
  8. To prepare the Annual Budget for various cultural events.
  9. To obtain formal permission from the School authorities to arrange programs.
  10. To decide the date, time and agenda of the programs.
  11. To inform members of staff and students about the events.
  12. To arrange the venue and logistics (audio/video system, dais, podium etc).
  13. To invite the Chief Guest and other dignitaries.
  14. To arrange mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants.
  15. Events arranged for students in coordination with ‘Students Cultural Committee’ are
    1. a) Fresher’s Day b) Teachers’ Day         c) Festival Celebrations           d) Exhibition Day                                                                                                                      e) National Science Day   f) Farewell of teachers or students                                   i) Annual Day j) Children’s day k) Social night  l) Independence Day                         m) Republic Day  n) Gandhi jayanti  o) World Environment Day                      p) Earth Day q) Annual Sport (only cultural program)


  1. Various programs arranged for staff are: a)Picnic /Education trip b) Birthday celebration c) Felicitation of staff achievements d) Family get together (Christmas celebration)


The committee shall display on the Notice Board/Website information about festivals to be celebrated.

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