Self-study is individual’s own independent study. It happens when the individual studies and learns by himself. He coaches himself. He attempts and solves every problem without any outside help. Self-study is a habit with the responsible and conscientious (HARD WORKING) student. He waits for non to help or guide him. He is his own helper and guide. It is in everybody’s interest to depend upon self-study. Ultimately every student whether brilliant or otherwise has to prepare for his examination by self-study. He has understood things in the class, applied them under the teacher’s supervision and discussed with any available helper at home but when it comes to ultimate preparation and comprehension, it is better that he works all alone. That is the stage when the student does not want any interference in his own work and wants to be left to himself. But self study is not to be employed only at the end, it should be a day-to-day method for the learner throughout his education. Self-study is the golden rule for self-education. It need not remain confined to the limits of class-room work and the boundaries of the syllabus.

Self-study can be made more systematic by giving regular home work, or assignments. It can also benefit by using various projects to be accomplished by the students as independently as possible. Library period is provided in the time-table in some schools with the purpose of giving them an opportunity of self study. Preparation for certain discussions, debates, declamations, symposium and other academic competitions would also require self-study on the part of the students.

In mathematics, self-study is essential to ensure regular progress. The work cannot be completed by the students without doing a major part of it as home-work. The efficiency in solving problems is to be developed by the students’ own experience of solving them. One problem solved by self-effort is worth more than ten problems solved by outside help. The experience of constructing figures is also to be obtained by the student by his own hands. The proofs of the propositions and more so of the riders have to be developed by the students largely by their own thinking and reasoning.

The following points may be kept in view to make self-study more effective:

  1. The habit of self study should be introduced and settled as early as possible in the young students.
  2. The students should be made to understand that independent self study is most rewarding of all studies. It is the only method which will pay in the long run.
  3. Let the child work and learn by himself as far as possible. The teacher should withhold his own self in order to allow the child’s self to develop and grow by his self-effort.
  4. Some interesting problems be always presented to the students which may urge them to study and acquire information on their own.
  5. The student should be intelligently directed to the sources of his self-study. These sources should be of wider implications than the ordinary text-books.
  6. They should also be guided to form the habit of note-taking in independent self study. They should also learn to make a note of their difficulties.
  7. They may be advised to keep a record of the independent work done by them.
  8. In case a student fails to show any output in his self study, the causes may be worked out. He may be allowed to work with a more pushing partner.
  9. The cooperation of the home should be obtained to ensure regularity and progress by a student in his self-study.
  10. The work accomplished by the student in self study should be checked, corrected and evaluated by the teacher.

Most of the school blindly blame the teachers for low grades of students. There is a situation, where teachers explanation can be understand by the children, but the student fails to perform in exam. Its all because the student is not doing self study or practice regularly. Research says that the student who continuously do self study or practice perform better in test.

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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