If you don’t understand something, get help right away.

  • Ask your teacher: That’s a teacher’s job! Most teachers are required to offer extra help. It may be before or after school. Let your teacher know you are coming for extra help. Make a list of concepts that you find confusing. This will help you use the time wisely. Bring your notes and books. Go over your notes, so your teacher can see if you copied something down incorrectly.


  • Review the books and your notes: After you go for extra help, reread the textbook and your notes. Summarize the information in your own words. Reviewing the material this way helps you remember it.


  • Ask your parents: Some parents remember a lot of what they learned in middle school. They may even be experts in the field. Even if they are not getting their ideas helps you look at the information in a new way.


  • Ask your older brothers and sisters: If you are lucky enough to have older siblings, ask them to go over confusing problems with you. After all, they took the same classes a few years ago.


  • Help from a tutor: studying from tutor helps to understand concepts, and have frequent pracrice sessions before the examination.



  • Connect with your classmates- Try having someone to keep you on track in your work, so that you can reap the benefits of being accountable as well.


  • Discuss what you learnFind a friend or relative who has similar interests or who would enjoy hearing about your studies and let them know what’s going in your class.


  • Chart your progressDesign your map of studying and you would see certain satisfaction coming after watching your goals be accomplished. When times get hard, you can always turn to your chart and see how far you have reached.


  • Reward yourselfReward yourself for doing well in your studies. It may be just the extra push that you need to succeed.

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