• Unless you know that points will be taken off for wrong answers, leave nothing blank. Even if you are wildly guessing, you might get lucky.


  • Even with an essay question, write what you know. A partial answer tells the teacher what you still need to learn, and may result in points (remember any points are better than none).


  • Before you turn the answer sheet in, make sure that you have your name on the sheet.


  • On standardized forms, make sure that all the pencil marks are nice and dark and in the ovals.


  • On multiple choice questions that are not on standardized forms, make sure your intended answer is clear, and that you followed the teacher’s guidance about how to write the answer properly.


  • Give at least 5-10 minutes to skim through the answer sheet that you have not missed out answering a question. Also, check whether you have numbered the questions correctly.


  • Most of the students have a habit of discussing answers with friends after the examination. This makes the student anxious and worried. The anxiety may interfere with the reading for the next examination. Once an examination is over it is better to concentrate on the next once. Review and discussion could be done after the last examination`


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