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Mathematics and Science (specially physics and chemistry part)  is a vast concept and the entire concept is inter connected (i.e. we can connect the concept of trigonometry in coordinate geometry or quadratic equation in arithmetic progression etc). Both subjects demands too much from the children. That’s the reason why more than 50 % of the student in middle and secondary level finds difficult to cope up with those subjects. The best way to improve in mathematics and science is practicing the concepts taught in the class regularly. If you follow the following technique it may help you.

  1. Go through the concept before the class. Whatever is taught in class today, you must review at home today itself. You have to do all the homework given in class.
  2. Spend 1 hour every day for mathematics practice and half an hour science.
  3. Try to explain your friend whatever you have learn. It helps you to become expert on those particular topics.
  4. Make a “Study Sheet” to study with (Don’t take it with you to the examination though!)

Under each topic, write down the important formulas or information that you need to remember. You don’t need to write down things that you already know, just write down the things that you worry about remembering that you wish you could take with you into the test.

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  1. Now, do questions – lots of them.

Perhaps your teacher has given you review questions to work on. Do all of these questions. If the teacher did not give you review questions then pick several questions from each homework exercise (a few easy, a few medium and a few difficult ones) or you can collect sample question paper from internet etc. You can redo all the test question paper done in the class (i.e. class test/weekly test/ cycle test/ monthly test). Keep your “study” sheet handy and refer to it as you do the questions. You will find that if you use it while you work on the review questions, then you will be able to visualize it while you write the test or examination. Check your answers as you go along and redo questions that you didn’t get the first time. Try to do a problem analysis of each equation prior to answering it.

  1. Get help with what you don’t understand.

If you get confuse with any questions, then put an asterisk beside them (*) and see your teacher, a tutor or a friend to get help on those questions. After you have received the help with the question then redo the question on your own. It is often easy to watch someone else do a question but another thing to be able to do it yourself.

  1. Do a practice examination.

Either create your own practice examination by using questions from previous tests and quizzes or request your teacher to make one for you or you can download from internet. Practicing an examination helps to relieve the anxiety of the real examination and reveals areas that you need to work on. Make sure you are maintaining timing. Clear up things you don’t understand well before the examination so that the day before the examination you just need to review rather than relearn new material.

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