While making lesson plan or making question paper it is important to set everything based on objective of the subject (Science). The objectives are Knowledge based question, Understanding based question, Application based questions,  Skill based question, Question based on Lab Activity and CREATING, EVALUATION & MULTIDISCIPLINARY based questions. Some of the example of objective based questions are given below. if you go through each question, it will help you to set a science question paper.

Knowledge based question: 

  • Remembering simple recall question, to know specific facts, terms, concepts principles, or theories; identify, define or recite, information)State Newton 1st law of motion.
  1. What is the unit of power?
  2. Define photosynthesis.
  3. What is the chemical formula of copper sulphate?
  4. What is air pollution?
  5. Name two type of energy.

Understanding based question:

  • Comprehension- to be familiar with meaning and to understand conceptually, interpret, compare, contrast, explain, paraphrase, or interpret information
  1. Describe the method of sedimentation.
  2. How does carbon dioxide or oxygen move across the cell membrane?
  3. How is electricity produced?
  4. Explain the function of heart?

Application based question:

  • Use abstract information in concrete situation, to apply knowledge to new situation, use given content to interpret a situation, provide an example, or solve a problem)
  1. Why is the surface of the Tyre made rough?
  2. What are the uses of water in our day today life?
  3. A force of 5 N apply on a body of mass m produce an acceleration of 10 m/s2 , calculate the mass of the body in gram.
  4. Why does cutting tool have sharp edges?
  5. Balance the following chemical equation:
  6. Hot water kept in a plate cools down faster than when kept in the glass. Give reason.
  7. Write three methods to stop global warming


Skills based

  • HOTS, Analysis & Synthesis, Classify, compare, contrast, or differentiate between different pieces of information; Organize or integrate unique pieces of information from varieties of sources
  1. Differentiate between plant cell and animal cell.
  2. Draw a diagram of plant and label them.
  3. Make a food chain of the following: Tiger, sunlight, deer, plant
  4. Write three similarities between work and energy
  5. Derive the relationship between ‘g’ and ‘G’.



  • Generating new ideas, product or ways of viewing things, Appraise, judge or justify the value or worth of a decision or outcome, or to predict outcome based on values
  1. Suppose you are sitting in a fast moving car and the driver suddenly apply brakes. What will happen and why?
  2. Which ball will be easier to catch? Cricket ball or tennis ball. Why?
  3. Fraction is necessary evil. Justify the statement.
  4. What will happen if we drink water without boiling?
  5. A child always eats junk food. What suggestion will you give him to avoid junk food?


Value based question

  • One day Sazi wanted to know about stone cells. He requested his father for its answer. Being a science graduate his father explain such thing politely. Sazi thanks his father for this.
  1. What values are displayed by Sazi?
  2. Write short note on stone cell.

Practical based question : Question should be set based on the activity or practical done in the class.

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