Exam dont distrub

  • Have a quiet place where you can study
  • Make study time table and follow it strictly.
  • Prioritize according to subject
  • Be organized and focused.Keep your textbook, notes from class, and notes you’ve taken outside of class all together. Know what is going to be on the test by paying attention to what the teacher says in class, and prepare for what to study accordingly.
  • Communicate with others about times you are studying to avoid disturbance.
  • Follow study guide
  • Use past question paper, solve atleast 5 question paper to build confidence.
  • Go through the entire topic which you have underline during classes.
  • After reading, you should summarize the topic in your own words.
  • Make flash card graphic organizer etc,
  • Discuss about the study material with your friend and exchange important notes.
  • Prepare a study plan by combining favorite and not so favorite subjects in the study plan of a day.
  • Have fixed time of sleep and relaxation (including T.V. time).
  • Meditate and give autosuggestions every day – to be calm in the examination situation.
  • Discuss with one’s parent or sibling or friend regarding examination preparation from time to time.

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