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  • Don’t look for some new notes before one day. Don’t try to learn anything new, rather focus on already prepared ones..
  • Talk with your family members to come out with your stress.
  • Try to have light dinner.
  • Don’t cram all night before an examination.
  • Have a relaxing night before the examinations.
  • Make Short notes: Most of the students have this secret formula that, they make also make a short note apart from the regular notes. It contains all the concepts of the chapter in the very precise manner so that It takes only four to six pages for each of your individual chapters.
  • Formulae: Without formulae, you cannot attempt numerical problems. Formulas are something which is very difficult to memorise. So you can add formulas of each chapter in your short notes.
  • Short answer questions: Most of the students are unable to read all short answer questions which is highly scoring questions. And it takes very short time to study. Usually, all short answer questions are given on the last of the chapter but if not, then it is good to purchase a guide which contains all these questions chapter vise because in most of the cases teachers are not able to cover all short answer questions.
  • Important topics as indicated by your teachers: When we study in class, sometimes our teachers tell us about some particular question which is important from exam point of view. We should note them all and study one day before the exam.
  • Practice previous year questions: It is very important to see and analyze the questions that have asked before in that exam. Because maybe you have missed something to study. Also, you will be able to get the information about the format of questions asked in the exam. Solving previous year question will also give you the confidence to score high in the exam.
  • Most of the time when we study a particular topic and we stuck at a specific point again and again. So, you should add these points in your short notes and study one day before the exam.
  • Don’t miss Important data and numerical figures: Almost every subject contains some numbers, mathematical data, compositions, important dates etc. These are the things which you cannot play with. You have to be 100% accurate in these kinds of information because it creates a strong impact on the answer sheet.

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