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Most of the student can calculate simple word problem mentally. But our examination system demands written work. So, it is important for a children to know how to express those mathematical statement in the form of equation and solve it. Student must learn how to use the four operation of maths i.e addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Student must be able to identify the key words to apply those four operation.

Oral work can only give a start, and new concepts have to be ensured and ascertained by putting them in black and white. Oral work must be supplemented by written work. Oral discussions and mental images are not always enough and cannot possibly be retained for long. Mental work has therefore to be combined with written work. Oral work has to supplement written work and not to supplant it, because efficiency in written work is the ultimate aim. Oral work must contribute to success in written work. Over-emphasis on oral work will also be a harmful attitude. As a habit forming measure, both oral and written work should be included in every lesson. In certain cases, some students may not gain substantially from oral work alone; their interest will be served if oral work is followed by written work. Written work is, in a way mental confirmation of information acquired orally. It is an extension of oral work. It affects accuracy and precision more effectively. It has got its own place and utility. Whereas oral work forms the beginning, written work forms the end in the learning of a new process. The saying “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man,” is to some extent applicable to the teaching of mathematics also. The teacher may adopt a flexible division of time to provide for different phases of work, namely:

  • Oral fundamentals.
  • Written fundamentals.
  • Oral problems.
  • Written problems.

In no case should oral work be divorced from written work and vice versa. They are companions. They work best in combination and partnership.

Source: The Teaching of mathematics by KULBIR SINGH SIDHU (Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd)

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